At LE we make sure that we are up to date with today’s ever demanding athletes  and the need to deliver to our clients fabric which provide functional capabilities in our garments. Please feel free to browse below through our range of LE fabric features and how these features benefit our clients in wearing comfortable and functional garments.

Thermal Comfort

LE’s range of fleece and pullover’s and inner lining of jackets provide our clients with consistent warmth and comfort. It is designed in such a way as to help retain body heat in cool climates.

Shield Protection

Fabric treatment applied acts as a barrier against harsh climatic conditions providing maximum comfort and function to all of LE’s outer shell components of its Jacket range.

Advance Evaporation

Allows for greater evaporation under extreme sporting conditions allowing athletes greater comfort. Evaporation from our garments are not restricted to one area but evenly distributed throughout the fabric concerned.

Breathable / Waterproof

This feature allows for not only greater breathability but water repellent/ waterproof features when wearing LE’s range of High performance jackets and tracksuits. The added comfort of LE’s jacket allows our clients to wear products that do not restrict comfort and at the same time allowing for protection against water.

Advance Cooling

LE teamwear fabrics allows for greater breathability and comfort when taking part in high performance activities.

Sun Protection

This key element of our fabric allows our clients the option to purchase team wear which have sun protection features allowing for protection from damaging UV rays damaging your skin.


LE prides its self on the development of its own fabric range with continued emphasis in the research and development of all sporting codes requirements. LE therefore has its own range of fabrics which suit each of the particular sports we supply to.

Cotton Twill

The traditional fabric for Rugby used for Traditional jerseys and Shorts.

Eyelet Mesh

Manufactured for off-field team wear.


Manufactured from Bamboo for a light weight feel and comfort for both of field and on field team wear.


Designed and used mainly for Netball dresses and Tight fitting Rugby jerseys. Available in 200 GSM to 280 GSM.


Designed and manufactured specifically for on-field teamwear in 240–280 GSM fabric for standard fitting jersey.


This fabric is available in various weights for tight fitting jerseys for Rugby League/Union, AFL jerseys and tees and singlets.

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