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Limited Edition Sportswear (LE) is an Australian owned and operated company established in 2008 after considerable behind the scenes work in the research, development and testing of our apparel range. The LE brand has developed a reputation as being a growing and innovative brand in a short space of time. Branded by innovation through technology to manufacture clothing to the highest excellence. LE chooses to use high performance fabrics that allow athletes to perform at the their best. We integrate function and fashion to create garment that look great, feel fantastic and suit the sport of which it is intended. The influence of technology in the designing and printing processes guarantees accuracy, essential in the manufacturing of goods which assures quality and efficiency.

LE manufacturing facilities produce fabric and styles exclusive to the LE brand as well as making sure our sublimation and operating processes and procedures are to the highest of standards. Our 4 week turnaround on sublimated apparel and 6 weeks for C&S products stands LE apart from its competitors.

Whether you are involved in recreational sport at a community level or high performance  sport at state, national or international level, LE has a proven track record of designing and manufacturing superior quality products at very competitive prices. LE caters for the requirements of the sporting, school, and corporate sectors where performance and price is everything.

No matter what your apparel needs are, LE is confident in providing its valued customers with quality products, price and on time delivery.

After all LE is ” Cultured by Choice Branded with Innovation”

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